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right now. the contract dispute over benefits for un workers at raleys stores. . thousands of workers on strike right now. the contract dispute over benefits for union works at raily's grocery stores. >> and cleaning up after super storm sandy's aftermath where people now, will they have power? we'll have a live report from statten island. >> the beginning of november. we got 80 degrees roading -- readings by this afternoon. warmer still for the start of the workweek. a look at the seven-day forecast coming up. >> it's 8:30 on sunday, november 4th. we fell back an hour overnight. >> i was up nervous half of the night wondering if it was back, ford -- forward, back, forward. never can quite feel comfortable. we have a great show ahead this morning, we're going to talk at about proposition 32, one of the most vocal debates going into tuesday's election.
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the question about political money in california. >> and that is one of the most confusing. we have that and we're going to start with developing news now in northern california. you go to the dreseer -- grocery store and may find out about this. >> the raley's supermarket chain is out on strike. contracts broke down and the united food and commercial worker's union started picketing. >> the two sides have been arguing over a proposed wage freeze and end to premium pay on sundays and changes in medical benefits for 7,000 workers. >> and this is important to me. i have two daughters trying to put to school. >> they need to come to an agreement. >> they extended the old contract for three days, but union negotiators call it a delaying tactic. the supermarket chain needs to cut cost because of a weak economy and competition from non-unionized companies like wal-mart. this morning, a driver is
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under arrest in santa rosa after allegedly hitting a pedestrian and speeding away. the police say the car hit a man shortly after midnight near the intersection of gurnville road and coffee lane. that man has life-threatening injuries. he was take tonight hospital and a witness reported seeing the car. the police founded and arrested the driver. thirty-year-old christian penna is charged with felony hit-and- run and dui. the chapter of the american red cross is sending more emergency response vehicles to new york. >> that's right, the vehicles can serve up to 3,000 meals a day. they supplied 3,000 volunteers and the three vehicles will be driven by teams of two volunteers leaving from fairfield, oakland, and burling game later today. and these are the latest numbers when it comes to super storm sandia. they're on the ground. meanwhile, the defense
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department started to set up mobile fuel stations around the new york city metro area where they plan to distribute 12 million gallons of gasoline to run generators. the death toll stands at 113. meanwhile, it's been nearly a week since sandy hit. how are things coming along? >> he's live in stat -- he's live in staten island this morning and how many people in new york are without power? good morning to you. about 800,000 people in the new york city area are still without power. although that is down from the peak of 2.2 million on tuesday. fortunately, there is some good news. that is the silence that took over after the storm and has been replaced with sounds of the recovery. we have city crews working overnight and lining every street here in staten island. everything from sofas to a
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filing cabinet. there are hundreds and hundreds of plastic garbage bags. not only yesterday, but today as well and this child's stuffed any male is damp from the storm. and things like in this are on every block here in this neighborhood. the residents say the storm surge was at least 10 fight high. and back to you. >> how much of the transportations there is back up and running? that was a huge problem? >> the subway lines, 80% of them are back up and rung today, although there are tunnels still under water, and of course, that is a huge concern. it's popular in the heart of the city and surrounding suburbs and being in a cab myself, i spoke to the driver.
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he said it's hard to find a place to fuel up driving 45 minutes to an hour to connecticut to find a gas station with a reasonable wait. there are people waiting in line that stretch as far as 10 city blocks. obviously, that equates to several hours in line and waiting at some gas stations that don't have fuel right now. there are a lot of people waiting in line knowing they're out and hoping the next shipment may come while they're waiting in line. >> the things we take for granted. live in staten island, thank you. the presidential race continues to be very close in the latest opinion polls. the new "washington post" abc news tracking poll has president obama and mitt romney in a statistical tie nationally. the republican nominee has a 49 to 48% edge. more likely voters trust romney to handle the economy. when it comes to understanding the economic problems the americans are facing, well, most people think that mr. obama has the edge on that.
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they have obama living 51-41%. >> and with numbers like that, both parties are out urging people to vote early. in many state turnout, early voting has been heavy. in california, oakland, for example, the early voter turnout is much slower than in 2008. at the alameda county courthouse, the register said the line was only about 20 people long. compare that with 2008 when there were 5 to 600 people waiting to vote and the lines were around the block. jury deliberations are expected to resume tomorrow in a trial of a former san jose principal. lynn -- she's charged with failing to report greg chandler. chandler is a teacher who has been convicted of committing lewd acts on a second grader in 2011. oakland city council is look at covering up the antigraffiti laws. proposed changes include making graffiti vandalism a
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misdemeanor instead of a simple infraction. it would hold parents of underage violators financially responsible and give frequently targeted business access to a city cleanup fund. the property owners will have 10 days to clean up graffiti. still to come, a blow to the office. >> and the bay area institution that is celebrating with live music and skeletons. >> the ultimate goal is to be able to quiet the voices of the working people as a whole. >> the biggest threat to union power in california. the debate over prop 32. the conversation with yes on proper 32 next. >> and the live pictures behind me tell the weather story. going to be a gorgeous sunday across the bay area. we're watching closely the next few days and could see record highs. things change dramatically. a look at the seven-day forecast coming up.
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. good morning. it's going to be a great day to get outside. temperatures in the 50s, cranking things up to 70s, low 80s by later on this afternoon. we're starting a warming trend. ,
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. we're taking a live look right now. a picket line outside of a
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raily's supermarket in san pablo. union workers there are on strike. that is after a midnight deadline came and went without any agreement between that union and the openers. a lot of the dispute is about changes in benefits. the supermarket chain said the problem is the economy has been rough and they're dealing with a lot of competition and non- unionized businesses like wal- mart. >> that's right. and meanwhile, this weekend's labor organizations are rallying around proposition 32. >> union members gathered yesterday in oakland. it would prohibit unions and corporations from making contributions to candidates. supporters of the measures said they have to influence special interests and opponents target unions with no impact on wealthy individuals or super pact. >> and that is in a way right
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now. we believe -- we could not have the big money. >> and prop 32. the supporter of the measure joining us live in studio. >> a former chairman of the republican party sat down and told us why you should vote for proposition 32. >> why. why should people vote for this? >> it gives the union members the right to decide whether or not he wants his money spent for certain candidate or campaigning. right now, they don't have that voice. we give them that voice. the union officials don't want their union members to have that ability. >> and -- . >> 32 with bar. using union dues for political purposes? >> right and that would give him the choice. >> exactly right. >> and they can't give the money directly to political campaigns. they can't form the independent
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pacts. they make the contributions to political campaigns and that is being lost in this discussion. the other major problem is that they say look who is backing 32. they say oil touches -- companies. go look at the supporters of proposition 32 and see if you see the oil companies are supporting the thing. the whole campaign is based on misinformation. >> let's go to the root of what this is about. we saw this when -- governor schwarzenegger had to much of a say in sacramento and the local elects, whether the california teacher's association or prison guards or other numbers. this was an attempt to curtail their power, state, and local. isn't it? >> and -- . >> thanks. >> pardon me. >> the goal is the same. >> the goal of this one limits both corporations and unions. and unions said wait a second, this is unfair and applies to
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us. the unions and the backers said you're right. this applies equally to corporations and unions. >> and there are a lot exempt like super packs. that is the crux of the problem for a lot of people. >> that is not called the exemption in the initiative, but the first amendment. as i indicated before, as can you have super packs giving to independent expenditures, can you also have the unions giving pursuant independent signatures. there is nothing that limits that in this initiative and that is what is being lost in this discussion by the distortions that the people are trying to put out there. >> what we say, if you look at our, it's our discussion of it, we say go read the initiative. if you look at the no on 32, you won't see references at all to the initiative. they trying to distort what is going. >> when you read it, it was confusing. >> right. >> exactly.
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>> who would bay billions to get this past? >> and that, again, incredible distortion. the special interest, the public unions are spending up to $70 million to get this defeated. the people on the other side, go look at the supporters, even go look at the no on 32 and people who did redistrict, open primary. people for political reform. >> what we have here is a battle in what they trying to do, reshape the political landscape of california. >> correct. >> what is it you see? >> we see more of the money for political campaigns coming from within the district and you have over 70% of the funds coming from sacramento to the campaigning. we believe by reducing -- reducing the number of corp ration contributions directly to the candidates, the voice of the people in districts will be heard and they will have the
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right to decide how their money will be spent. >> and that is confusing. >> it seems to go back and forth. we have the no on prop 32 people in the next half hour. listen to both sides and is the down and try to figure it out like we can did. >> good luck. >> okay. and we're going to -- . >> we do know b however, is weather. elizabeth? >> it's going to be nice today. >> and see if you can get outside and enjoy it for a bit. hopefully can you and this is the beginning of a warm stretch across the bay area on to monday and we could see record high school from the beginning of the first two days. the temperatures out of the door, 59 degrees in san francisco. we're seeing a lot of mid-50s, 55 in oakland; 54 in concord. the numbers are cranking up this afternoon. and 70s, low 80s, yeah, even along the coast. we're going to see highs about
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72 degrees and lots of sunshine. the sunshine across the board. coast bay and inland. why? it's because of the ridge of high pressure. you can see what is going on. no rain in our immediate forecast. now, like i have been saying, we're going to see dramatic changes by the back half of the workweek on thursday and friday. these temperatures are going to take a nose dive. quite a bit, in fact, and we have a good chance of rain across the bay area. let's not focus on that now. first, we'll talk about this afternoon's highs. we're going to see 70s and 80s everywhere you g.82 in fairfield and 82 in santa rosa; 77 degrees in oakland and mid- 70s as well. if you're cruising around san francisco, so, this is the forecast over the next couple of days. so, the warmest day is shaping up right now to be monday. and we're really closely watching these next couple of days. the temperatures are saying they could be record breakers, especially in our inland spots. notice 80s, upper 80s, and we can squeeze out a couple of low 90s in some areas. otherwise, tuesday, wednesday,
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wednesday's going to be our transitional day and that is when the bottom drops out. you will notice thursday and friday. going to reach into the 50s, so very low 60s across the bay area and this is a dramatic difference. if you like hot weather, enjoy the next few days. the rain and cooler temperatures are heading our way around the corner and that is a check of the forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you, elizabeth. and row mccarthy of the breakfast club and captain sully sullenberger are heading the luncheon. and it's an event where the chair joins us live this morning. >> good morning, ann, good morning, phil. >> quite a lineup of guests you have here. everyone from sully sullenberger, the flight to to the booker prize in england. what kind of format is it? they help from table-to-table?
8:48 am
>> let me take a second. i'll explain. this is our 24th annual author's luncheon. it's about a thousand patrons, held at fourth and market and it starts at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. all of the six authors are there early and they will sign your book. we have the largest independent book seller in the bay area. book passage. >> uh-huh. >> who will be there. they're book sellers. they'll be able for sell for the six authors we're featuring and at 11:45, we open the doors and invite everyone to sit down for a three-course gourmet lunch and each author is invited to speak for 12 minutes about the new hard cover book that is published in the year of the author's lunkingor error -- luncheon. >> and that is in the money.
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for a lot of people out there, you don't think about that until it goes bad. how do you make people care in. >> and part is to educate. exactly what you said. you don't think about it until it's too late. one of the facts is one in eight americans. there is lots of precursors, hyper tension, history and one in eight, americans are impacted by kidney disease. >> that is quite the statistic. >> the foundation does what? where does this moppy go? ask it prevention, caring for people. we hear about the transplants all of the time in. >> it goes to all of the above. we have the program for children. summer camp programs. >> really?
8:50 am
we do education programs, awareness programs, a number of programs where we help patients many patients waiting for a kidney and there are more needs than kidneys available. that process. a phenomenal organization. i have been involved with them for 18 years. >> i have been the chair for 18 years. the, vent is 24 years. >> can you get in? >> we have all of the information. >> and the france marriott, fourth and market. the cost to feed you while you're there. major corporations and in san francisco and including keiser
8:51 am
permanente, microsoft, wells fargo, charles schwabb, bank of america are corporate sponsors. >> reporter: think you made an important point. you want to make sure we highlight and -- . >> absolutely. >> tyler of the san francisco author's luncheon, we'll be right back. >> thank you very much. san francisco celebrated die
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8:53 am
ertos -- the day . honoring the dead with life
8:54 am
entertainment. >> that is how san francisco celebrated dia de los muertos, the day of the dead. it was honored in the fifth annual day concert at davies symphony hall. and that is a full crowd. of course, plenty of skeletons hanging around. >> we're not talking about skeletons but might move to something scary. >> and a decision that is sure to strike up controversy. he's more. good morning, everybody. we have news on the warriors small forward, brandon rush on friday's home opener and he is out for the year. yesterday, and he will have surgery and he's out and he was out in los angeles. no problem for the unbeaten, warriors on the road and there
8:55 am
is a three-ball right there. as clay thompson knocked down the shop and -- this is ridiculous. they hold on to win 114-110. okay, from that to some college football. the cardinal quarterback kevin hogan. a true freshman. and he got the call against colorado. and he did not disappoint and one of the two touchdowns and 42-14 and alabama at lsu and late in the game. hits tj yeldon and comes from behind to win, 21-17. inched a one-year deal with oakland worth 3 million with
8:56 am
five-game -- five games remaining. we're testing positive for testosterone. on a personal note, congratulations to my middle son jake. he and his team titans, and yesterday in mill valley. we'll see you later on with the raider recap as tampa bay is coming to town. >> all right. in our next half hour, we have the argument against prop 32. we're going to go into that one more time. >> and that's right, in the state of california, hits an all-time high with registered voter. why are the state's republicans not cheering about these new numbers? >> and that is after contract negotiations fell through around midnight. we'll explain after this.
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dispute over benefits for un workers at raleys stores. . thens of workers on strike right now. the contract dispute at raily stores. >> he did what you were supposed to do. >> super storm sandy, two different takes on how it might influence the elect. >> it's been a gorgeous week across the bay area and we're closely watching the next few days and could see record highs before the rain moves in.
9:00 am
the whacky weather forecast coming up. >> welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. the time is 9:00. check that. >> and that is back an hour. >> and that is november 4th. >> we have a lot to talk about. >> a couple of days until election day coming up. the number of registered voters with an all-time high and that turned into bad news for the state republican party, we'll discuss that coming up. >> talking about hurricane sandy. this half hour, going to be taking a look again at proposition 32. and looking at the union payroll debate. and that is confusing. i hope you stick around for
9:01 am
that and there is a strike truck is underway. >> and we're looking live at a raily's store in san pablo right now. a handful of people, grocery store workers walking the picket line. and some contract talks broke down this morning. the midnight deadline came and went. the united food and commercial workers union started picketing at this store in saint pauplo and the sticking points are proposed wage freeze ending to premium pay on sundays and big changes for 7,000 workers. >> president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are making the final push for votes two days before the elects. the polls show the campaigns upping neck yin neck marginally -- neckin neck marginally. and that is a small end. the president hit four swing states yesterday and said he
9:02 am
kept his promises he made four years ago. >> when i said i would end the war in iraq. i ended the war in iraq. when i said don't ask don't tell, i meant don't ask, don't tell. >> he's pitching his economic policy citing that the job creation is in the punishments. challenger romney is out there disagreeing saying that mr. obama's studarship has been a failure. he travelled to three must-win states on saturday. >> you're going to have another ceiling come up and can you imagine four more years of that going on? >> no. >> the president is mobilizing a massive get out the vote effort. at the same time, romney is hoping to catch the late- breaking voters in crucial states as well. he's making a late pay for democratics in pennsylvania. >> all hands on deck for the
9:03 am
presidential campaign. both candidates and spouses and their running mates are crisscrossing swing states this weekend and california reached an all-time high. the numbers have reached an all- time low when it comes to percentages. we turn to the experts and so what is behind the historic decline. >> people are not getting our message well. >> reporter: the percentage of those as republicans are low. they make 29.3% of the electorate, compared with 31.4% in 2008. democrats make up 43.7%, a slight decline from '08. >> it means more people in -- people in california are registering and when you're the minority party, it hits you worse. >> reporter: meanwhile, california has reached an all- time high of wane .2 million registered voters. >> a lot of people attribute
9:04 am
the new numbers to the state's online voter registration. many of them young and loaning democratic. >> it's convenient. can you see anywhere in the world and going to the webphage and register online. >> and the real problem, they tuned off the state's population. >> it makes it about them and they're sensitive on that issue. you missed the the opportunity to register the people in their party. even though most of the social messages on abortion, same-sex marriage and the rest might find traction with that group, you want to alienate them to get the pun when you talk about immigration the way you do. >> the republican party said many republicans have left the state because of california's high tax breaks. >> we have to get our economy
9:05 am
going and good manufacturing down on the state. >> it's interesting, though, and looks like they're having people commit. >> and that is why there is a rise to people climbing the state, the fastest growing in california and that is nine of the above. meanwhile, tonight, there is going to be a dramatization on the national geographic channel and features actors describing what happened on may 2011, when navy seals raided the hideout in pakistan and killed them. the show's producer, however, bear this in mind, a strong supporter of president obama. stay with cbs 5 for continuing coverage of the 2005 vote. that means live reporting in california and the bay area on election night and on service 5. this is a topic we can
9:06 am
agree on. bay area traffic. we know that it can be horrible. you know, it may not be as bad as you think. now, contra costa traffic by far is the worst week day commute in the state, according to data compiled. california, the state, however, is only 10 worse in the nation. i don't know if that is braggable but in the golden state, three quarters of the commuters get it -- drive alone, 11% use carpool lanes and 5% use public transit. free parking by employers is a big reason why people drive alone. there is an incentive to turn that around. >> and there is a program in california not well-known. it's the law and called the cashout program. employers offer free parking to employers and they supposed to offer a subsidy. to take a bus instead, you are supposed to get the value of the parking space. >> women and minorities are likely to carpool and take
9:07 am
public transit. a piece of trivia for you. in other today-- headlines, tomorrow was the last day for bay area home owners to get help. >> and a free, gent andha is -- free e vent and is being held at the san jose convention center. leave blowers are a thing of the past. the city council is considering either banning them completely or limiting the days. she's considered about the impact to have on landscapers. they can offer their opinions at a meeting in san mateo city hall. construction in santa clara is going to hit a major milestone this week. tomorrow, the crews will install the first aboard the 2,000 concrete sections. concrete will be used for the
9:08 am
stadium's risers, steps for seating and various walls. crews are also 60% done with the steel work. boy that is going up quickly. let your coffee do the voting. >> a couple of jobs and the national polls taking the post for voters ahead of election day. >> and the debate over prop 32, why some say it would give power back to union workers. the no on campaign joining us live next. >> and we have some blue skies out of the door to the north bay and some potential record highs the next few days and temperatures dropping by 20 degrees. a look at the seven-day forecast is coming up.
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9:13 am
talking 70s, low 70 asalong the coast and low 80s. everywhere you g we're looking at sun balls, the sunshine across the bay area and why? that is because of the rim of high pressure and thursday and friday, that is why it -- when it moves in, bringing us dramatic changes. from later on this afternoon, once again, 70s and 80s is the name of the game. eighty degrees in livermore; 82 in fairfield and around the bay, we're talking mid- to upper 70s, 77 in oakland. mid-70s, 75 degrees and as you're roading -- reading in san francisco. the warming trend continues tomorrow and into tuesday for election day. we'll be in the upper 80s. wednesday is a bit of a transitional day and on
9:14 am
thursday and friday, check out the temperature, the difference into the highs and low 60s, a good chance of rain. that is a check of your seven- day forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you, elizabeth. and this is going to be an interesting week up and down, up and down. >> when it comes to the election on tuesday, two days away, union power in the state of california is up for grabs and that would limit from payroll to funds for political purposes. >> they're rallying in against it. in the bay area and in to los angeles. they support prop 32 and that it would give power back to the voters. >> it empowers the rank and foil union members or a worker at the corporation to say that you can't just reach into my paycheck which take my money anymore. -- paycheck and take my money anymore. >> the son of bottom air
9:15 am
charles monger senior, he's given nearly $23 million in contributions to that measure and opponents say it would increase the influence or strip from the rich. >> and the directorate san francisco state university joined us earlier opposed to prop 32 and here are his reasons. >> prop 32 is deliberately to sign to confuse them to get both people to mislead and get them to vote from the -- for the wrong reasons. it's designed to take special interest money to politics and in reality, it was written by and far in special interest and when i say it, i don't use that term lightly. i really think that it's one of the most fraudulent measures we're seeing in recent history, and that is recognized as such. you look at what all of the crooks in the country come and cause, the league of women
9:16 am
voters say about it, they're dedicated to taking special interest out of politics and this is much, much worse. >> okay, on this point. >> yes. >> in your opinion, this said that you can still, union members can still contribute to a political committee that could be used -- >> right. >> and they would have to check. >> right. >> is that correct? >> it's designed to make it as difficult as possible for unions to raise money for politics and then to spend money, so, it prohibits the use of money raised by perriel reduction, how unions raise money for politics and not how they use them for great politics and that said unions are wired -- required to get permission from each member. even as it gets that, there is still not a lot to use mean by payroll deduction. the people who wrote prop 30 to
9:17 am
know very well would have a devastating impact on the unions and to give affective advice to the members and the support and public education and public safety, et cetera, and, as i said before, it would have zero impact on wealthy corporations and billionaires and to the expense, you have to judge the propositions by the company to keep not just charles monger, but the wealthy super packs from out of state based in iowa and arizona pouring tens of millions into supporting prop 32, and we don't know who is funding -- . >> and we look at the voice. >> right. >> and the california teacher's association. >> right. >> the public employee's union, right? >> right. >> and they have a special interest here called pensions, payroll. >> right.
9:18 am
>> and it's called local school elect. >> right. >> they a tremendous force in the state and some say contributed to the state's deficits and pension costs going through the receive. -- roof. >> right. >> and seems like there is no shortage of special have interest. >> and when the unions from the california's teacher's association contributes to this, you know who they're represent and that is the 325,000 members because we support the funding from public education and so forth and when this group, americans are responsible for leadership based in arizona contributes to it, who are they representing? we don't know. we don't know who the thunders are and as they take them to court this week, the superior court in sacramento said you must disclose your funders or californians will suffer irreparable damage if not. >> they're not going do that before the election.
9:19 am
>> and we're going to appeal it so californians won't know who is giving money to the yes on 32 campaign before the e lex. >> well, this weekend, on the came -- before the election. >> this weekend on the campaign trail. >> the final push before the campaign and how hurricane sandy may have been a chaser. after the break. ,,,,
9:20 am
9:21 am
. a totally unscientific method to figure out who will be the next president of the united states. >> a big convenience store developed with the costly cups and has been going for a couple of months now. red and blue cups were stacked nightly -- notely outside of the oval office that rolled into phoenix, arizona, this weekend. >> and 59% to 41%. >> not much. >> actually. >> and this is the final weekend before election day campaign. they're rallying support in swing states right now.
9:22 am
>> and that is why we turned to the political insider, joe garafoli and willie brown. the first question is okay. we have spent $2 billion on this race so far and that started out close, going to the wire close. is there anything left? whatever happened to like reaching out in politics? >> very little. you would identify through all of the focus groups and all the other things who your voters are. you determine if how many of the voters show up. can you win and you preach to them, you pray to them, you energize them, and you do what they call grassroots, but it's only for the few. >> okay, so how close are -- does this increase the debate or is this lessening -- lessening the debate overall? >> you're tossing up by two people. romney was superconservative in the primary and tried to come to the end. obama was playd to the base to try and rally enthusiasm, and look what we have. >> and in to some -- the last
9:23 am
10 days, hurricane canned -- hurricane sandy hit the east coast and in history, it's going to go down as a significant moment. do you agree? >> i don't know if it's a significant game changer, it helped obama look more, appear to be a leader and appear bipartisan with chris christy. i don't think that that is a total game changer. >> you hear? >> he demonstrated who he is. >> that was total. -- >> the president doing what the president is supposed to do as contrasted to george bush doing what he did with hotels. hurricane katrina. you remember how awful he was? and howfa thafellow was terrible? ignore the campaign. >> and go to work. >> and -- . >> mayor brown. >> as a mayor or a governor, did you find yourself ever
9:24 am
reaching out to the opposite party and complimenting them for their work? >> every day. >> and it was not so much the opposite party but people and that is sometimes presenting a real problem. i look forward to the eulogy. >> and when does a politician really reach out across the other side in. >> when there is a baby there? >> or something like money. coming up, a last-minute look at this morning's top stories. >> and that includes the latest on the raily store going on this morning. the first one call on the company's 77-year history.
9:25 am
9:26 am
. >> welcome back. and let's take a look at this morning's top stories again.
9:27 am
>> and some 7,000 workers are on strike against the raily's knob hill supermarket train. among the issues, a proposed wage freeze and changes in health benefits. >> and a new video of republican presidential candidate mitt romney, see he spoke at a rally in iowa, the final push for the votes in the swing state. president obama is leading the republican challenger in iowa in most polls. the des moines register iowa poll puts the president ahead 47-42%. >> that and time for a last look of weather sunday. it's going to be sunny. >> i know, what more can you say? i wish i could show you a live picture outside. and put up the seven-day forecast and temperatures are outside. seventys, 80s by later on this afternoon. monday and tuesday, we could so record highs for the first start of the workweek and wednesday is a bit of a tracheasition will day. thursday and friday, looks like we have a good chance, a good chance of rain moving in across the bay area and temperatures
9:28 am
really plunge. only going to reach into the 60s, 50s and 60s in our inland spots and that is going to be cool. >> that is all over the board. >> all across the board. >> yeah. >> and tonight, let's remember, it's going to be dark early. >> right. >> and -- . >> that is a good reminder. >> no forecast is complete. this time, the luxurious vacation, they're not just for human beings anymore. ann. >> and we have a picture of some -- in california. san diego's newest five-star luxury dog resort boarding and day care. there are sweets ranging from $50 to $$100 a night and that is including a memory foam bed. >> yeah. sign me up. >> and a full service spa if you get there, too. thank you for joining us this morning.
9:29 am

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